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Animation Programs Comparison

 Intro to 3d Animation 3D Character Animation Certificate 3D Character Animation Diploma Character Animation Labs
Portfolio Required for Admission   TickboxTickbox
Software Foundations  TickboxTickboxTickbox
Animation FoundationsTickboxTickboxTickboxTickbox
Drawing Preparation TickboxTickboxTickbox
Animation Locomotion TickboxTickboxTickbox
Introduction to Acting TickboxTickboxTickbox
Advanced Acting  TickboxTickbox
Demo Reel Development  TickboxTickbox
Business and Job Development for Artists  TickboxTickbox
Alumni Network for Life TickboxTickboxTickbox
Scholarships Available  Tickbox 
Part Time Option TickboxTickbox 
Duration  4 Weeks 6 Months Full-Time - 12 Months Part-Time12 Months Full-Time
24 Months Part-Time 
12 Months
Delivery Online Online OnlineOn Campus in Vancouver Canada
Discount from Introductory courses
T2202A Tax form Eligibility
Designed for employment*

* While we cannot guarantee employment, our programs are designed to prepare our students with the necessary skills to be employable upon graduation.

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