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Application Form

How can I pay for the application fee?

Paypal or any of the following credit cards:


Do no close the paypal window until your payment has been processed.  It takes about 10 seconds.

Who should use this form?

Prospective students who are ready to enroll at Vancouver Animation School.

Who should not use this form?

Prospective students requesting information

How long does it take to complete the form?

Please reserve around 15-20 minutes to complete this form.  The application form has to be completed in once session.  Do not hit the back or forward buttons on your browser.


What's in the application process?

  1. Contact Information
  2. Career Assessment
  3. Computer Skills Assessment
  4. Expectations Questionnaire
  5. Application fee Payment of $125 CAD (Non refundable)

  I want to Enroll at VANAS. 
Take me to the Application form.


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