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Our Story




Mario Pochat
CEO, Founder






Patrick Suberville
Chair, Co-Founder


How it all came together...

reelyouMeet Patrick Suberville and Mario Pochat, proud founders of Vancouver Animation School.  These two pioneers in Computer Graphics met while they were independently shaping and educating the local industry scene.   Patrick knew he had the creative bug, Mario knew he had the "rambo" in him who could single-handedly take on an entire digital production.  Together, they built one of the top three post-production houses in Mexico City that paved the way for others to come.

Satisfied with their six years endeavour, both parted ways looking for their next challenge.  Mario knew he wanted more and flew to Canada ("I want more", he said), Patrick wanted double more and flew to San Fco California. ("I want double more, he said").  Ten years later, these two made a historic re-encounter in Vancouver BC.  They set out to save the world of education by creating an online school with more weight than a concrete building.


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