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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to get consistent freelance work?

Yes, getting consistent work can be difficult, but like any freelance work, if you build up a good reputation and a good network you will get the work and consistency.


Is there more work for Digital Matte Painters (DMPs) than Concept Artists at the moment?

The trend at the moment is for more Digital Matte Painters,  Having said that, you should choose a field to play to your strengths.


Is it possible to watch a recording of a live class?

It is not possible to watch a recording of the live class, as we are not permitted to do that under our accreditation, all students must attend live classes.


Can I send in my portfolio as I create it?

All in one complete pdf file, please.


What VANAS program do I need to make cinematics for video games?

Our 3D Computer Character Animation and Animated Short film Diploma will be the most relevant to creating cinematics.


When you were designing characters for Disney, do they give you a list of the character traits and what it should look like?

Yes, you will get a very detailed list to work from.


Examples of life drawings for Concept Art portfolio:


Do VANAS programs cater for working professionals?

Our programs are designed in a way that busy professionals can attend.


Can students use blender?

Students are able to choose their preferred software, however we only support the software specified in each one of our programs.


Is Maya the only Autodesk program utilized here? I have more experience with 3DS Max

For feature film animation, Maya is the industry standard  (3DS max was more for games, then maya took over).  Since you know how to use 3DS, you can easily learn Maya; it’s a bit more user friendly.


I wonder if concept art could be combined with 3D modelling

Concept artists should focus on idea generation.  Once designs are approved, they are passed on to the modelers.



Is it right to say these are specialised fields? As a video producer I wear many hats from production to post. Do most studios require this from Matte painters, animators etc.

Small studios will have artists wear many hats.  Big Studios will require specialized positions.



And are these mainly freelance contracts are there many in house matte painters?

Typically inhouse, once a matte painter develops reputation and a good network of people he knows and knows them, then they can start to successfully freelance.



How many of these types of jobs allow you to work from home?

Concept art will be the most common position to freelance from a studio perspective,  and also from an investment perspective since concept artsists typically only need a painting software such as Photoshop.

I think other good thing about VANAS is easier on pocket :)

Exactly,  again we are people from the industry.  We have social and tuition responsibility.  We know how much students will be making in average at a studio in a junior position, and our tuition reflects that.


What are the differences between concept art and animation?

Short answers:   Concept Art is for people with big imagination and great draftsmanship skills.   Computer Animation is for entertainers (actors, comedians, etc.) with computer skills.


How important is it for students to have natural freehand drawing ability?

For Concept art is a must.  For the other programs, it helps to know how to draw, however all work will be done technically in the computer.

You need to be drawing all the time, and we have an Anime and Manga: Getting started course for people that have never drawn before.  However, Concept Artists must love drawing!


I'm 52 years old, disabled now and want to work from home. So I am hoping something like this will help me have a successful life once again.

We understand,  and yes, there are big opportunities.   We have a lot of students who are in remote areas taking our programs, and upon graduation decide to stay in their communities to do work in these industries.  In addition, many small studios in these industries are chosing to work with artists remotely or at a distance (in the past it used to be that studios were only in the main or key cities in the world), as long as you have an internet connection, you can digitally transfer the work back and forth.


Is Maya free before you enroll? If so where do I download that?

Is free once you enroll.  Before you will have a 30 day trial that you can use for the Introduction to Animation course (1 month long).  Always check with Autodesk student licenses guidelines as they are being constantly updated.


Does Maya work using a intuos tablet or does it work better with a mouse?

I use maya with a wacom tablet.   All my friends use mice.



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