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The Smart Animator Free Maya course

SmartAnimatorFree animation advice from 1 world-renowned animation expert

What's in the course?

> In this 11-part course animation expert Mario Pochat will walk you through how to effectively use Maya as an animation tool.
> The course includes step-by-step instructional videos so that you can follow along, creating your own work as you go.
> Along the way, you'll find expert tips and advice from Mario Pochat, and countless examples of tools that will benefit your use of Maya.
> Each lesson should take between 30 minutes to 60 minutes to complete.
> Maya software for animators hasn't changed that much, it doesn't matter if you have Maya version 1 or 2047; the animator software tools have and will stay the same.  Remember that is not the piano that makes the music, it's the pianist.



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Part 1:  Starting with Maya
Installing and launching Maya from a Windows or Mac system, overview of the Maya Interface, its menus and modules.

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Part 2:  Maya Navigation
Learning to navigate in Maya with your mouse, Wacom tablet, Hotbox and keyboard shortcuts.

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Part 3:  Project Management
Maya's architecture allows you to create a project to set the proper files and folders structure for a clean file management.

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Part 4:  Manipulating Objects
You will learn how to select and manipulate objects from different kinds, sources and methods.

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Part 5:  Hierarchies and Groups
Organizing the contents of your scene is crucial. It will allow you to understand your assets and to easily find them.

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Part 6:  Layers and Masks
You will learn how to create Layers, Selection Masks, Quick Selection Sets and more.

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Part 7:  Animation Settings
You will learn how to set key frames, add breakdowns, work with motion trails, playback controls and create Playblasts.

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Part 8:  Animation Visual Tools
You will be introduced to Animation Curves (Graph Editor), the exposure sheet and Maya timeline.

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Part 9:  Constrains
In this class you will understand the different types of constrains and make choices based on your scene's needs.

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Part 10:  Forward Kinematics, Inverse Kinematics, Character Sets and Referencing Scenes
Keyframing characters and creating your own scripts (Mel / Python).

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Part 11:  Re-cap
You are ready to move on and start applying this knowledge into your future assignments.

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