Administration Fees Breakdown

Administration Fees
Administration Fees
Fee Name Domestic
$125 $250
Late Application (after program start date)
$75 $75
Request for Deferment of Start Date
$125  $125
Portfolio Assessment $25
Confirmation of Enrollment Letter $25 + Shipping expenses $25 + Shipping expenses
Customized Letter
$25 + Shipping expenses $29 + Shipping expenses
Unofficial Transcript Request
$20 + Shipping expenses
$20 + Shipping expenses
Official Transcripts
$20 + Shipping expenses $20 + Shipping expenses
Contract updates or program changes
$125 $125 
Leave of Absence Request
$125 $125
Tuition Fees
Tuition Administration Fees
Fee Name Domestic International
Tuition Late Payment $100 initial fee $100 initial fee
Tuition Extension Request $50 $50
T2202A Replacement $50
Pedagogy Fees
Pedagogy Material Support Fees
FAME Learning Resources (Mandatory)
$250 $250 
Laptop Software / Support Fees (Optional)
$300 $300 
Student Support Package for the duration of the program (Optional)
$1,250 $1,500
Convenience Fees

When paying with Paypal or a Credit Card a non-refundable convenience fee of 3% of the total amount will apply.

A 3 percent convenience fee, sometimes referred to as a credit or debit card "service fee" is established by third party credit or debit card issuers to cover the transaction costs of online purchases. Vancouver Animation School does not receive any portion of convenience or service fee payments. It is also important to note that these fees are subject to change by third party credit and debit card issuers.

For a number of years, Vancouver Animation School absorbed credit card convenience fees on behalf of its students. Because of the increased use of credit and debit cards for online payments for tuition and fees, the cost to VANAS to continue this practice has become prohibitive. As a result, students will see an additional three percent convenience or "service" fee reflected in their credit and debit card transactions with Vancouver Animation School.

You can always pay via direct deposit or wiretransfer to the insitutional bank account to avoid convenience fees.


Application Fee

For students applying to programs a non-refundable application fee must be submitted prior to registering for a program. This fee covers administrative costs involved in creating the student accounts and preparing documents.



Late Registration Fee

Students that miss submitting a completed application prior to the registration deadline posted on the school website, will be subject to a late fee.


Portfolio Assessment Fee

A strong portfolio is an essential requirement for admission to our diploma programs. Portfolios are review by industry professionals. The portfolio assessment allows us to evaluate if a student obtains the skills and knowledge required to be successful in our programs.


FAME Learning Materials

Our FAME portal is an essential tool for all students to be successful. The FAME library continues 100’s of tutorials and additional lesson to help supplement a student’s learning. The FAME program is required for all students in our diploma programs.


Confirmation of Enrolment Letter

Students requiring a Confirmation of Enrolment letter must submit a request via email. Once payment has been received the letter will be sent directly to the student through our campus email.


Unofficial Transcripts

Students can request a PDF copy of unofficial transcripts as proof of enrollment and academic progress.


Official Transcripts

Students requesting a copy of their transcript must do so in writing with the shipping address listed. For multiple copies, please see Official Transcripts for more details.



Change of Start Date

If a student requests to change the start date of their program after they have signed the student enrolment contract they are able to submit a Deferred Admission Request form. These fees cover the contract updates and administrative costs involved in changing the start date.


Tuition Fee Extension Request

If a student submits in writing a minimum of 5 days prior to the due date for the payment, they may be eligible to extend their tuition fee due date. This request would be based on unusual circumstances that impede a student from meeting the payment deadline. For students that have been awarded Financial Aid or funding from a 3rd party, they can submit a Tuition Deferral Request form to waive the late fee penalty until the funding has been released.


Tuition Late Fee

Any student whose fees have passed the payment deadline will be assessed a late fee penalty. As well, a simple interest charge of 5% for every 15 days will be added to the outstanding principle amount.


T2202a Replacement Fee

If a student request to have a T2202a form sent and can no longer access it from their student account, there is a fee for processing.


Contract updates or Program Changes

If a student requests any updates or changes to their contract after signing, including payment terms or program changes, there will be a $125 fee to cover the administrative costs and student record updates.


Leave of Absence Fee

If a student applies for a Leave of Absence from their program, a fee will be assessed for each term they are applying for to a maximum of 2 terms. These fees will cover the administrative costs associated with the changes.


Student Support Package

Students can register for our Student Support Package for the duration of their program. This includes an additional weekly personalized live support class as well as email or phone technical support.