Official Transcripts

An official transcript is the VANAS' certified statement of your academic record.

Who receives an official transcript?

If the student has completed all courses within the program of study, Official Transcripts and a Program Credential will be prepared and provided to the student.  These documents are printed on secure paper, stamped and signed by the Senior Educational Administrator.

I have a new mailing address

We do not accept new mailing addresses by email.  Students are responsible for having their current mailing address on their student account.    Transcripts that are sent back to the institution will be destroyed and new transcripts will need to be ordered.

When do I need to order new transcripts?

Once a student graduates and becomes an alumnus, they will receive one copy of their official documents.  Additional copies of their transcripts can only be released by request of the student accompanied by a fee.

I did not graduate

If a student does not graduate, they will not automatically be sent a transcript.  They will need to follow the process for ordering their transcripts.

Electronic Transcript fees

Electronic Number of Copies Cost (CAD)
International student (USD)
With watermark 1 $19 $19
No watermark 1 $29 $29

Electronics files are in PDF format and sent via email.

Transcript printing fees

Number of Copies Printing Cost (CAD)
1 $19
2 $29
3 $39

Regular Mail Shipping and Handling (Does not include printing costs)

Destination Regular Mail Cost (Canada Post)
Canada $19 CAD
International $35 USD

The above costs are for regular mail sent via Canada Post.

If the student requests that their documents are to be sent via a private delivery service (FedEX, DHL, etc), the student is responsible for covering all the shipping, handling, tax fees and expenses.

The official paper transcript is printed on security sensitive paper and contains the Institution seal and signature of the Institution Registrar.

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