Help us supercharge the industry
with our Talent Referral Program

The best talent that comes to us is referred by someone in our network.  We'd like you to help us discover new talent by connecting us to your network.

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How it works

Simple, if you know someone that shows potential for our industries, you refer them to us, and we'll schedule a talent discovery interview with them.

know someone

  • They are artistically or technically talented, driven quick learners with a street smart personality

them to

  • Let them know about the digital entertainment industries, and how are connected and fill out the referral form

Talent Discovery

  • We'll schedule an interview to evaluate their portoflio and goals

What it's in it for you?

Aside from us being eternally grateful to you, you get to either collect credits for your education at VANAS or receive a referral monetary fee.  Most importantly, the world will experience better movies, films and games.

Refer your
Talented friends

  • Provide the information we require by filling out the form

The world
Gets better content

  • We will connect with your referral to get to know them better

Collect credits
or a monetary referral fee

  • If your referral enrolls as a student, then we'll send you the reward of your choice.

Talent Referral Program Requirements

We follow these rules and conditions to make this program a succesful experience.

  1. To receive a student referral payment, the person you refer must enroll in a VANAS Diploma Program.  Once they successfully complete the second term, then the referral fee will be awarded to you.

  2. If a referred student enrolls in a VANAS Diploma Program, the referring person is entitled to choose either $350 CAD Cash or $500 CAD tuition credits toward their education in any VANAS Diploma Programs.

  3. The referred student must enroll in a VANAS Diploma Program within 3 months of being referred.

  4. This reward offer is valid to any currently enrolled students or alumni, or a VANAS faculty or anyone in our FAME network

  5. The Declaration of Referral is to be submitted at the time of enrollment and specified in our application form.

  6. Reward payments will be presented at our Student Appreciation Days and former students’ rewards will be paid electronically.

  7. Referrals from immediate family members or legal guardians will not be accepted.

  8. Referrals from prospective VANAS students, current VANAS students, VANAS Alumni, VANAS Faculty and FAME members will be prioritized.

  9. Official Photo identification (drivers licence or passport) will be required for both parties.

  10. VANAS has the right to accept or deny the referral application.

  11. This Talent Referral Program cannot be combined with any other VANAS offers or promotions.

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