Spotlight Thursday: Rahul Venugopal

This Thursday we would like to introduce you to the Digital Matte Painting Professional as well as the VANAS instructor.

As an industry professional, Rahul's portfolio includes working on well-known features such as The Expendables 2, Olympus Has Fallen, Interstellar, The Expanse, Narcos:Mexico, Ad Astra and many more.

How would you define what you do? 

"Matte painting as an art form existed from the dawn of film making from the movies such as "Trip to the Moon" by George Méliès. What we do today is only the digital extension of the same techniques. The goal is always been to create a location or an environment which is practically impossible to capture on film or sometimes it is much more cost effective to create a matte painting than actually filming in a specific location."

Did you need to explain to your mom that this is an actual career?

"I was fortunate enough not to do so, my mom always have been my inspiration and she strongly suggested me follow my dreams whatever it may be. She supported my passion for films and I took media and film as my major studies right after my senior high school. So it really gave me a jump start in the industry. Being a teacher, she also motivated me to share my knowledge with others."

What are some of the cool things of working in this industry?

" Definitely one of the coolest aspect of working in the industry is getting to watch your favorite blockbusters before it get released and also the pleasure of watching movies you worked on a big screen together with your family and friends.

Also the global nature of this industry has given me the opportunity to work in eight countries around the world. I believe the experience of traveling and working with different people made me a better human being and also gave me a much bigger perspective in life."

What's are some of the challenges of your profession?

"Crunch times and keeping up the deadlines are always challenging but it also gives you experience to learn and grow as an individual. Also keeping up to date with changing technical trends in the industry can sometime be taxing on your work life balance."


How do you stay awesome?

"Keeping myself always open to learn new stuffs from others and being humble about the work I do."

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