VANAS 3D Modeling Faculty: Marcus Ng

We would like to introduce new VANAS Advanced 3D Modeling teacher Marcus Ng! Marcus is a Character Artist and a 3D Modeler.


As an industry professional, Marcus's portfolio includes working on well-known features such as Hotel Transylvania 4, Connected, The Angry Birds Movie 2, UglyDolls, Spyder-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, SCOOB!  and many more.


How would you define what you do? 

"I create characters, props and environments digitally for film, games and related media."

Did you need to explain to your mom that this is an actual career?

"I had to double-check with my mom on this and she mentioned that she saw it as a natural progression from what I was doing growing up. I'd submit artwork to the local newspapers, take art as a subject in school, joint art competitions, go into plastic modeling, collect figurines, learn 3d programs, designed greeting cards, got a job at a print shop, go to art college, do freelance while at home. In short, I didn't have to verbally explain to her."

In a studio, what is your day like?

"A normal day is modeling an asset, joining a few meetings or rounds, and perhaps address some model requests from other departments and lunch somewhere in there."


What was your big break into the industry?

"I guess my big break was to intern at Pixar and work on some props for cars 2. There were mainly street props, lamps, and signs."


What are some of the cool things of working in this industry?

" Get to work with some of the most inspiring and highly talented artists and make great friends and bonds. And be constantly amazed by what the other talents from the other departments contribute to the final delivered project."


What's are some of the challenges of your profession?

"The main challenge would be to try and continue to stay hired continuously, whether it is freelancing, contract, or permanent hire."


Can you mention some of your career highlights?

"At each of the company I've been at, there's always someone or group of people that I've respected so much for their dedication, craft and it reminds you why you continue to do this because it is extremely soul-sucking."


How do you stay awesome?

"This is a really tough one. I guess as long as there are personal growth and learnings one can strive to be awesome."



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