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VANAS Agents are part of our trusted partners, they enrich the global educational experience by bringing an assorted student body to enrich multi-cultural classrooms.

Digital Entertainment is one of the most dynamic engines in the North American economy.

10 Years delivering Online Education

Virtual Reality in VANAS

Unique Selling Proposition

VANAS is the largest and only online school fully accredited in Canada offering specialized programs for the Animation, Visual Effects and Video Games industries, perfect for educational agents and their multicultural customer base of students that are looking to enter the Entertainment Industries.

Our Post-Secondary Academic Offerings
Introductory programs
1-Year Industry Programs
2-Year Industry Option

Delivery options
100% live online, fully accredited
Combined Programs (Online + Onsite in Vancouver Canada)University Pathways
Summer Camps in Vancouver, Canada.

K12 Academic offerings (Elementary, High School and University)
FAME for Institutions, Teachers and Students
100+ courses designed for Elementary, Secondary and Post-Secondary Level
FAME Competition in Vancouver, Canada.

Tuition costs align with what most students are willing to spend.

Fits gap – Agents often get asked for specialized programs for Digital Arts & Technology education.

Emerging markets are looking to enrich their regions and looking for education programs to develop their new economies.

Prepare students for the new generation of jobs in art and technology.

Benefits for Education Agents