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Art & Technology higher education will benefit your company

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Benefits for your company

Develop strong partnerships and expand your network
Build long term relationships with like-minded partners and participate in common, various Art & Technology projects.

Get access to high potential students

Direct global access to top graduates, who are ready to be part of your team and contribute to your projects.

Increase your brand visibility image
Promote your brand as a company that is actively involved in the current and future state of Art & Technology education.

Be the first to hire the best graduates
Receive the privilege of being the first to hire the best graduates.

Tell them about your company
Visit our online classrooms, invite our students and teachers, talk to them about your company, activity sector, explain career opportunities for them to get first-hand information.

Create a future for aspiring professionals
Provide a Branded Scholarship under your name to students looking to enter the Art & Tech Industries. You can support student diversity and student equity by promoting access to education.

Shape the future of the Art & Technology education
Influence the future of the new economies and help us to create the best career programs by participating in consultations about the needs and trends in the Art & Tech industries.

Benefits of hiring students

Commerce Francophone

The mission of the Francophone Chamber of Commerce of Vancouver is to bring together and represent the Francophone and Francophile business community of Greater Vancouver, in order to promote the growth and the economic contribution of its members.

Board of Trade

The Burnaby Board of Trade takes pride in being the champion for business by providing resources, connections and by advocating on behalf of their interests with all levels of government. We know firsthand that when business works together, we are stronger and our efforts are more impactful.

Camara Comercio Canada Espania

The Canada-Spain Chamber of Commerce (CCCE), founded in December 2007 is a non-profit entity focused on promoting commerce between Canada and Spain.It is a platform for communication and information exchange, geared to strengthen relations between the two countries.

MiMo Films

Mimo Films is a pretty cool entertainment studio located in Vancouver Canada.   With lots of passion for animated content and video games,  Mimo stays at the forefront of Innovation.

Spit Fire

The mission of Spitfire! Digital Marketing – besides blunting the advance of the Luftwaffe war machine – is to help passionate entrepreneurs with interesting businesses tell good stories to the right people using the modern tools and tactics of digital marketing.

Bye Bye

An animated intellectual property licensed to At&T and DirectTV. Made for mobile devices and vide games.

Lollipop Shaders

Having contributed to many animated feature films and visual effects movies internationally for the past decade, we saw the wheel was constantly being re-invented at many big-budget production studios.

The Gaming Stadium

The Gaming Stadium, a first of its kind esports Stadium in Canada, is located in Richmond, British Columbia. The Stadium is custom built from the ground up with one purpose in mind – build the best damn place to play and watch your favorite esports.

Tröger Media

Based in Germany, Tröger Media is the trusted partner of choice for discerning architects, designers, advertisers, and filmmakers seeking to make a significant impact.