Student Reviews

We compiled student reviews with insights about their experience at VANAS.

Great administration team

Trying to juggle different students and instructors in different time zones with different schedules! Administration staff seems very responsive to questions and issues. Problems are resolved quickly and satisfactorily.


I think VANAS is good at picking out the instructors each term and the amazing arts that will be teaching us for the year.

Online Education

The convenience of online classes without being physically present at the school


Giving the tools we need independently of our country

Access to opportunity

It's convenient for remote students and connecting people in the industry that might not have come into contact with one another otherwise.

Simplicity and expertise

Being very simple with the online classes. Some people may think that online school would be complicated, but with VANAS it's very simple and easy to use. And if you do have any troubles the instructors will help you out as soon as possible.

Great Teachers

VANAS finds great teachers and allow students from everywhere to follow a course.


Good times for classes and nice teachers

Together as a Team

Gathering students and teacher together to work on their assignments and getting to know one another


Scheduling & organizing


Being very responsive for any issues.

Get to know each other

VANAS is really good at making an environment where students from all courses can get to know each other regardless of what they're taking.

Develop Skills Fast

I think VANAS is really good into making their students develop their skills really fast. VANAS is running an impressive operation, providing quality education and motivating the students to show themselves and their work.

Real studio work

Preparing the students for real studio work

Teachers take extra time

My teacher always cares of explaining many time until my understanding. Also he take more of his time to give my a better result on my work

School communication

Teachers are great and very experienced. Communication with students is great from the Vanas staff

Dreams come true

Before I came to Vanas, working as a concept artist seemed like a faraway dream that I'd chase but eventually have to settle for something less, however everyone I've talked to has been so helpful and all seem very passionate about what they do, now rather than looking like something I'd wish for, it looks like something I can actually work towards

Passionate faculty

Adrian is a very relatable person, every time I ran into a problem with photoshop or zbrush, he would find a way of reassuring me and showing me that it wasn't as difficult as it seems. Adrian was always extremely passionate about the work we were doing and there was never a point where I lost interest during a Q&A session

Encouraging progress

My teacher is very friendly, very encouraging, and a joy to listen to. Always finds good things to comment on and gives advice for how to improve work while still sounding courteous. Very approachable and balances humor and information in the lessons to keep them fun and entertaining. He's also very enthusiastic and punctual

Kindred Spirits

I feel very welcome here and the lessons are incredibly helpful. I've learned a lot in just 2 weeks. I especially like having the video lecture at the beginning of the week so I can start work on my assignment before the live session on Thursday. My teacher is fantastic, too

Learning from other students

What I really like about Vanas is the fact that I can go to the community page and see other students assignments. I think its a great way for students to feel proud and be encouraged to submit the best work they can do so that others can view it

Flexible Schedules

VANAS is really good at providing education around different time schedules

Improving my work

My teacher is great at communicating his thoughts on how to improve the work we're doing. friendly and thoughtful

Teachers listen to students

My teacher is great at giving critiques and paying attention to what I have to say in my video log for assignments

Instructors from the Industry

VANAS is really good at having great instructors who are actually still working in the industry

Connecting students with industry

Unlike any other colleges I've attended, this school has a great deal of connection between students and teachers. And, Vanas is great at connecting us with the best in the business"

Teachers working in the industry

VANAS is really good at having great instructors who are actually still working in the industry

Fixing problems fast

Vanas has impressed me so far, I have learned quite a bit, and I think that once the website has some problems worked out, and is given some polish, that there will be many people who will want to attend online classes

Engaged teachers

Teachers have great involvement and insight into my work, able to create though provoking and interesting instructions and provide valuable feedback

Teacher's strengths

My teacher strengths are Anatomy knowledge, make good critiques, a lot of experience


Online campus is great and accessible

Well planned curriculum

Good variety in the lessons and the people presenting them (both the videos and the live session), keeping things approachable, helpful, and streamlined. I imagine it would be difficult to coordinate a program like this and Vanas does an excellent job

Test yourself and see if you like it

I really like that you offer one-month classes. You gave me a chance to try and see if it was for me. And it has been great. I think I can do this: Study online and animate. Two different challenges. You help me discover I can

Well planned curricula

The curriculum is well thought out and shows consistent usage of previous fundamentals learnt from past lessons

Works with my busy schedule

VANAS is really good at providing a source of education for those who already lead busy lives

The right duration

It's clever doing the intro class that short. Just long enough to get you hooked but not too long to make you bored of school. Tricky tricky

Online Campus ease of use

The online campus service to submit work is really easy to use and there is a lot of ways to access information if needed

Teachers are attentive

Teachers are very attentive to their students, patients , and help with any technical problem. Thank you

Exciting Curriculum

My teacher is excited about the curriculum. His interest is contagious

Worth it

All in all, Vanas is worth every second of time spent learning, and every penny of the monthly payments. I am very pleased with Vanas

Organized online campus

The new online campus seems daunting at first but really everything is much easier now. it's all just better organized

Hiring Experienced Teachers

VANAS is really good at hiring teachers that are very experienced, and very talented

Future in the industry

I'm loving the course and am excited for my future in the industry thanks to VANAS

Foundations are key to great artists

Taking the artist down the less traveled road of getting a good foundation. Most artists just want to jump into creating but have not done proper study first. Vanas has forced me to do that, and I can see an immediate difference in my art already

Challenging Assignments

VANAS gives you assignments that are very open ended which allows students to challenge themselves

Teachers Powers

My teacher's power is in his attitude, his ability to explain and his passion for what he is doing. His understanding and his positive character , his imagination and his own style and many more :)

Experienced Instructors

VANAS has good experienced instructors and has allowed students to improve their skills professionally

Instructors Variety

"I like the variety of backgrounds of the instructors and their different perspectives, the online campus is pretty easy to navigate and the work load is manageable."

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