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Kawaii Art: One of the Most Popular Anime and Manga Style

Watching Avatar - Animed series was fun, air benders showing various display of power thrilled our heart. It was a name on everyone's lip: Aang, Katara, Sokka, Azula, Iroh, Zuko. We were thrilled to see these characters display their powers. Surely you would have asked how those characters were formed?

Or perhaps which style of animation was adopted to showcase such masterclass of creativity? Not to worry, it's Anime art. Now you'll ask how about Naruto? It’s equally the same. Anime is a Japanese word which is used to connote animation. Outside Japan, It is referred specifically as animation from Japan. This cultural meaning often sparks a debate with many scholars who opine that this has created a kind of desolation for the Japan animation world. This is in contrast to the Japanese meaning of the word which uses Anime to describe all the animation type across the world.

vanas blog anime and manga avatar characters
Illustration "Chracters from Avatar" via earnthis

The word is used to describe the totality of all animation in Japan. This also includes the totality of all cinema genres such as comedy, horror, adventure, and other movie genres. It is important to note that Anime art is not predominated by a singular genre of movie as it is a collection of the diverse form of art which is dependent on the artist, creator and style. A creator could decide to do comic while another could decide to do a horror anime. Characters in anime drawings are also known to be full of energy, with superb graphics and creative themes and design which best align with the message to be communicated to the targeted audience.

Anime art, unlike several other art forms, it has its targeted audience cutting across all ages; both old and young, sexes; both female and male. The Sailor Moon is a notable one amidst female while Mario is more peculiar to the Male. Ben 10 is a popular name among the Young while the oldies also have their own favourite animation. Its targeted audience is well captivated by the creativity displayed in the cinematic movie. Quite importantly, the genre for each audience differs from one another through the production techniques used in the production of all the genres are the same.

vanas blog anime and manga sailor moon
       Illustartion "Sailor Moon" via themarysue

Factors such as video effects, movements of the camera, panning are given top priority over the animation of movements and other criteria. Characters are made with a reality proportionate body size with an occasional disproportion in body size most often associated with the eye size. The design of the character is drawn in such a way that they depict reality, however, the colour effect and the hairline are few of the notifying changes which differentiate between reality and the fictional movie.

It is not to be confused Anime And Manga drawings are closely related with a lot of similarities however with distinguishing differences that separate both fictional illusions from reality. Anime drawings started in the year 1917 when the first professional public display was made. Iconic and pioneer Animators such as Ōten Shimokawa, Shitarou Kiyatawa and several others produced numerous works most of which were destroyed due to the Great Kano Earthquake coupled with the destruction of Shimokawa warehouse. However, the work of Oluech, Namakura Gatana survived this turbulent period making it the oldest among Anime drawings. Anime characters was originally produced in the traditional method using crude techniques obtainable at that time. However, the wave of digitalization has also blown across the industry given rise to various animations in different countries.

VANAS blog amime and manga Hokusai Manga
 Illustration "Inside Katsushika Hokusai’s Manga books" via widewalls

Now you'll ask, what is Manga? Manga is a Japanese word used to receive the collection of comics and cartoon books which date back to the 12th century. Scholars often credit Manga art for the huge role played in the reading style done from the right to the left. Manga art has a long history of existence, however, the first known Manga drawing was found in the 1798 book titled Shiji no Yukikai authored by Santo Kyoden. It is expedient to note that Manga and Anime art share several similarities, however, there are cutting edge differences between both fictions. While Manga drawing is a comic book read by all ages (Old and Young) and both Girls and Boys the other is a Movie shown. It is also important to note that the number of character required to produce a Manga art is quite shorter when compared with that of Anime Art. This difference makes it possible for animators to make use of Manga as the basis for Anime. It is however worthy of knowledge that not all Manga drawing are produced to Anime as several remain a Manga. Both Anime and Manga art are products of masterclass creativity which depicts various artistic concepts such as mood, emotions, etc.

For ages, the traditional way of making Manga art known is having it drawn on a paper and having a public display of it. Alternatively, it could be submitted to Magazine producing companies to help with publicity by using it to run a completion. This is a traditional way which was used to produce this superb artwork. However, the advent of technology and the Internet has brought about a lot of ease and convenience in Manga publicity. Web Mangas such as Pixiv and Twitter has made it lot easy for people to access Manga online. This usage of digital tools has brought about an exponential growth in the acceptability and revenue generated from Manga online. Magazine publishers are also not left out of the moving trend occurring with manga online as many now have a website although the traditional style of publicity has not been totally eradicated.

VANAS blog chenhao anime manga vanas fame 1
   Illustration "Kawaii Anime style" via VANAS

There are several Anime styles such as Kawaii, Realistic, Chibi, Moe. There is often a thin line between reality and animation. A balance between both is what brings out the creativity and beauty of the work done. In other words, when there is a too much realistic style in it,  it ceases to be an animation. Several Anime have shown what a superb intro of realistic style could do in animation such as Black Lagoon, Ergo Proxy, Nodame Cantabile and several others. Chibi is another style which speaks of the power of diversity of the Japanese. Chibi interpreted as short and cute. The characters in chibi are identified with their body modifications which are distinct. Characters in chibi have small bodies has the name is derived from the verb chibiru which means to become shorter. Chibi characters also have big heads and wide eyes. Moe in a similar manner is used to show expression of love and affection to characters shown in Manga or Anime. It is realistic to have characters that deeply touch our heart, their roles are perfectly displayed hence they won our heart with various reasons that could be personal, in situations like this Moe is the best word to describe such affection. Kawaii is another notable Manga and Anime style which is used by animators to communicate their message to the targeted audience.

Vanas blog Lucky Star anime style Moe
 Illustartion "Chibi Anime Style" via animemotivation

Kawaii drawings originated from Japan but not without a history. Several scholars define kawaii to mean cuteness while several others view me as pity or sympathy. While this belief could spark a debate a quick of the word history is all that is needed to get a full grasp of the knowledge of the art and its concept. Kawaii drawings started as a form of rebellion to culture by women who were opposed to the supposed laid down principle the world was showing them to live by. This wouldn't go without a fight anyway as the women soon rebelled starting from their dressing to other forms of life including writing. Kawaii which was once believed to mean pity, sad, poor and several other piteous meaning has changed to become what is now widely accepted as cuteness today.

Kawaii art characters have a unique identity which signifies it from every other art forms and concept. The drawing of the characters is simple which makes it pretty easy for everyone to do it including children as it does not require a special skill to creatively design one. Although being skilled is an added advantage as creativity is often enhanced by the level of skill and professionalism, however, this should not stop you from drawing your own Kawaii drawings.

Popular Kawaii drawing characters include Bad Badtz-Maru, Charmmy kitty, Cactus Friend, Afro Ken, Awawa Chan and several others. One common characteristic existing in all these characters is the huge simplicity with it is made of. Making a kawaii character as it requires a minimal number of lines to be drawn. In most cases, the characters are without a nose; another common characteristic of kawaii characters.

The image attached below is an example of kawaii arts that could inspire you to try drawing your own characters. The picture is well detailed and shows step by step methods via which you can draw Kawaii anime. It should be however noted that the beauty of Kawaii art is in simplicity and creativity.

vanas blog kawaii drawing
   Illustartion "Draw Kawaii Characters" via drawinghowtodraw

Animation has grown past writing and fashion and has become integrated into daily lifestyle of people. Industries are set up to see to its growth and publicity. With over 430 production companies involved in animation, one cannot expect anything less than awesomeness from such industry. Like every business, the partnership is a great arsenal to produce great results, the animation industry is not left behind, various companies collaborate with each other to produce an astonishing anime movie. A notable one is the Studio Ghibli's movie titled Spirited Away. The result of the partnership that produced this movie is the record of being the all-time to gross film in Japan since its release in 2001.

Animation has grown to become a powerful force to reckon with and a knowledge of it wouldn't be bad for you. Why not take full advantage of this trend and get a knowledge of it in VANASAnime and Manga classes would hold which would be an eye opener to several secrets to unravel the bottled up secrets to excel distinctively in the world of animation. The Anime art classes are all that you need to know how to creatively design your own animation without external effort. In addition, Certificates would be given which would attest to your participation in the Anime art classes.

Vanas blog anime and manga online courses
 Illustration "Anime and Manga Online Drawing Courses" via VANAS

It is worthy to report that animation has been a huge source of revenue in different countries ranking up about $24billioin in Japan and $5.2billion in the US. The Anime and Manga classes would be fact and data filled which would train several minds and unlock the potentials needed to succeed in the animation world. With certificates at testifying that you are skilled in anime and manga, the anime and manga classes are set up for you. It is also imperative to say that the anime classes is the definition of simplicity in total form.




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