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Spotlight Sunday: Calvin Leduc

Meet Calvin! One of our instructors and Head of Faculty here at #VANAS.

As an industry professional, Calvin's portfolio includes working on classics such as Mulan, Tarzan, Hercules, Pocahontas, Treasure Planet and many more.
Calvin's wide range of experience includes working as an Animator over at Walt Disney Animation Studios. 


Favourite animated show/movie:



"Pixar's 'The Incredibles'.  I am excited about the sequel coming out this summer.  I would like to see a sequel where their kids are married and have problems with their own children, and the parents are now grandparents, enjoying and spoiling their grandchildren."

Memories from working on films:nnnnnnnnnnnnnn


"I have millions, well maybe not a million memories about working in different studios around the world.  While working on feature films and commercials at the Baer Animation Studio in California, which was owned by the great animator Dale Baer , I sat up stairs with 8 guys in a tiny room.  Desks went all the way around the room against the wall, with more desks in the middle.  We all learned to get along and I am still friends with most of them."


Best thing about working at VANAS:


"I love the idea that Mario originally had.  Create courses that focus on jobs that are required in the Animation industry and make them affordable to anybody in the world. I love teaching students that actually want to learn.  I love passing on valuable animation knowledge that others were kind enough to pass on to me. " 


A fun fact about you:


"I collect comic books, mostly Marvel comics.  I love great comic book art.  :) "

Do you have any questions for Calvin? If so, comment below!   

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