2D Computer Animation: Stephane Dufault

Now that I have discovered new tricks and ways to experiment with my 2D animation work all thanks the lessons I have learned from VANAS

Can you tell us a bit of your art background prior to Vancouver Animation School?

Illustration, Graphic Design and Acrylic Painting. All have been taught after graduating from Kwantlen Polytechnic University in 2018.

What were your motivations to take the program?

To expand my digital art-making skills and find success for my self in the near future. Also finding a career in something I enjoy watching and want to take part in making.

Stephane Dufault VANAS alumni 2D


How has VANAS helped you?

Vancouver Animation School has helped me in providing me with the skills and process of starting animation right away instead of starting from the very beginning like what most schools would do. Instead of re-learning how to draw, save or make perspective, the VANAS teachers know this and demonstrate how to expand on those traits.

Can you mention some A-ha! moments during your education?

Whenever I wanted to tweak my animations yo give them a more polished feel, my teacher would point out some tricks or effects that would make my work engaging to watch. This allowed me to experiment with my work and play with the effect that ended up being satisfying to watch.

How do you compare your art skills before and after VANAS?

I found that with enough practice I had a better understanding of animating and digital artwork thanks to my teachers. Now that I have discovered new tricks and ways to experiment with my work all thanks the lessons I have learned from VANAS.

Stephane Dufault vanas alumni

What was your favorite class/topic (why?)

2D Animation Intro to Acting - It was fun filming live-action reference and using the subjects I had to animate and fit in the style I want to create. Provided a challenge in getting certain lines or cues right, but was satisfying recreating a scene shot from live-action.

Is there anything you would like to add?

It was a real treat learning from Vancouver Animation School since in just a year I learned how to make 2D Animation instead of going to another school that would have taken 4 years to complete.