VANAS Graduation 2019-2020

The online graduation 2020 features the great work of the VANAS students in Animation, Concept Art, Visual Effects, and Video Game Design.
The hosts of the online VANAS graduation: Mario Pochat and Calvin LeDuc.
Speeches were given by:
* Adrian Enciso - VANAS Concept Art faculty
* Alice Floropoulos - VANAS Concept Art student
* Helen Duckworth (Merry) - VANAS Advanced 3D Modeling faculty
* Arturo Orta - VANAS Advanced Combined 3D Modeling student
* Edwin Poon - VANAS 2D Animation faculty
* Steve Cady - VANAS 3D Animation faculty
* Hung Viet Vo - VANAS 3D Animation student
* Calvin LeDuc - VANAS head of faculty
* Valera Ainsworth - VANAS Animated Short Films student
* Kenton Moore - VANAS Video Game Design student
* Hermann Troeger - VANAS Intro to Digital Arts faculty
* Martin L'Heureux - VANAS Animation faculty
Congratulations to all VANAS students who successfully graduated this year and we hope to see you in the industry!