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Mad Magazine, Black Adam, Wall-e, Wendell & Wild, Gran Turismo Movie, VANAS Conference

November 2, 2022

Video Contents

0:01 Introduction

0:25 Mad Magazine

1:10 Black Adam

1:38 Wall E Criterion Collection

2:00 Wendell and Wild

2:40 Gran Turismo

3:20 Skit - Become an Animation Director

4:30 Marvel Games

5:27 VANAS Conference Recap

6:08 Skit - Become a Racecar Driver

Season 2 Episode 10

Sergio Aragonés is MAD magazine’s oldest artist that is still working.

He is 85 years old and has drawn for Mad magazine for 60 years.  

Published on October 4th, it is the magazine’s 70th-anniversary issue. The mad magazine ceased regular publication in 2019; the special edition will be original material, including a Johnny Sampson back-page “fold-in” and a film parody of Robert Pattinson as “The Batman.”

Sergio Aragonés draws the comic book series “Groo the Wanderer,” He also draws wordless art in the MAD margins. Sergio honed his signature wordless comics by studying pantomime in Mexico.

Black Adam - October 21st, 2022 in theaters

It stars Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) as Black Adam. The film is getting very positive reviews. Black Adam is like an evil version of DC’s Captain Marvel, also called Shazam. Co-stars Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate.  

Black Adam - Official Trailer 2

Wall-E's first Criterion Collection of Pixar Animation on Nov. 2

3-disc set  

4K digital master, approved by director Andrew Stanton, with Dolby Atmos soundtrack

One 4K UHD disc of the film, presented in both Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10+, and two Blu-rays with the film and special features

Alternate 5.1 surround DTS-HD Master Audio and stereo soundtracks.

Two audio commentaries: one featuring Stanton  

Programs on Stanton’s cinematic influences and production designer Ralph Eggleston’s colour scripts

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film

The Pixar Story (2007), a documentary by Leslie Iwerks

More than a dozen documentaries exploring the film’s production and robots

Anatomy of a Scene: The Plant, a masterclass with Stanton

“WALL•E”: A to Z, a new program featuring Stanton and co-screenwriter Jim Reardon

Deleted scenes featuring commentary by Stanton

A Story (1987), a student film by Stanton

BURN•E (2008), a short film  

Wendell & Wild is In theatres on October 11, 2022, then on Netflix.

Based on the book by Henry Selick and Clay McLeod Chapman

Henry Selick also Directed the stop-motion features ‘Coraline’ and The Nightmare Before Christmas. The film is about a teen orphan who attends a creepy new school. There are two demon brothers called Wendell & Wild. The studio was located in Portland, Oregon.

Marvel | Skydance New Media Project Teaser Trailer

Skydance New Media is making a Marvel Video Game. It will feature Captain America, a Black Panther, one of the Howling Commandoes and Nanolay – a Wakanda spy during World War II.

David Harbour and Orlando Bloom Board ‘Gran Turismo’ Feature

Neil Blomkamp will direct the film that pays homage to one of the oldest and best-selling PlayStation racing games (1997).

The film is about the best-selling racing game and is based on the true story of a teenage Gran Turismo player whose gaming skills were used in his real-life career. He won a series of Nissan competitions before becoming a professional racecar driver. Harbor will play the retired racer who teaches the talented teen to drive in real life. Bloom is a marketing exec selling the sport of racing. Comes out in theatres on August 11, 2023.

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Mad Magazine, Black Adam, Wall-e, Wendell & Wild, Gran Turismo Movie, VANAS Conference

November 2, 2022

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Mad Magazine, Black Adam, Wall-e, Wendell & Wild, Gran Turismo Movie, VANAS Conference

November 2, 2022