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Elijah Craig

2D Computer Animation Diploma

Vancouver Animation School has given me a whole new perspective in 2D animation.

Can you tell us a bit of your art background prior to Vancouver Animation School?

Growing up I always loved to draw. Most of the things I drew were Nintendo characters or different kinds of superheroes from Buzz Lightyear to Spider-Man. After I graduated high school I decided to go into graphic design, hoping it would make me a better artist. I did get more familiar with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, but the program just was not for me. Then once I discovered Vancouver Animation School I decided I wanted to become a 2D animator.

What were your motivations to take the program?

Watching many animated movies and TV shows I would constantly look at the "behind the scenes" footage and wonder how they made it. Lots of animated shorts on YouTube really stuck with me and made me want to create my own characters and make my own story.

Elijah Craig 2D
Elijah Craig 2D Character Animation student artwork

How has VANAS helped you?

Vancouver Animation School has given me a whole new perspective. I cannot watch animated media the same way I used to, and that is a very good thing. Sometimes when I'm watching something animated (usually 2D) I catch myself going frame-by-frame on a scene that interests me. Before VANAS I never even thought about doing that.

Can you mention some A-ha! moments during your education?

One of our assignments was we had to animate a dog walk cycle. My first few attempts weren't that great. It looked more like a horse walk cycle than a dog and I did not understand why. Then my instructor told me to not have the legs synchronized but to have them go in and out. Once I changed that it looked way better and my frustration and confusion was gone.

How do you compare your art skills before and after VANAS?

I believe my digital art skills improved. Mainly because I was drawing digitally for most of the year and I have gotten really used to it.

Elijah Craig 2D animation
Elijah Craig 2D Character Animation student artwork

What was your favorite class/topic (why?)

I don't have a number one pick, but character design comes to mind. I love to design characters and cram in as much personality as possible in each of them, so learning how to do more of that was lots of fun.

Is there anything you would like to add?

Thank you so much for everything, VANAS. I can't wait to get out there and proudly rep the name!

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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