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Dispute Resolution/Grades Appeal Policy

Table of contents:

Dispute Resolution Process

  1. This policy governs complaints from students regarding Vancouver Animation School and any aspect of its operations.
  2. Students who make or are otherwise involved in a complaint will not be subject to any form of retaliation by the institution at any time.
  3. All student complaints must be made in writing.
  4. The student must provide the written complaint to the Head of Faculty, Calvin LeDuc (email, telephone 1-888-677-8827). The Head of Faculty is responsible for making determinations in respect of complaints. If the Head of Faculty is absent or is named in a complaint, the student must provide the complaint to the School Administrator, Erika Marin (email, telephone 1-888-677-8827).
  5. The process by which the student complaint will be handled is as follows: When a concern arises, the student should first attempt to address it with the individual most directly involved. If unsatisfied with the outcome, the student may submit a written complaint to the Head of Faculty. Should this person be absent or be named in the complaint, the student may submit the written complaint to the School Administrator. The Head of Faculty will arrange to meet with the student to discuss the concern as soon as possible and within five days of receiving the student's written complaint. Following the meeting with the student, the Head of Faculty will conduct whatever enquiries and/or investigations are necessary and provide a written response to the student that includes reasons for the determination on the complaint.
  6. Reconsideration of the determination, if necessary, will be made by the Senior Education Administrator (SEA), Mario Pochat, or telephone at 604-612-1171.
  7. Written reasons for the determination, and the reconsideration, if any, will be provided to the student within 30 days after the date on which the complaint was made.
  8. The student making the complaint may be represented by an agent or a lawyer.
  9. The written determination will advise the student that, if they are dissatisfied with the determination, and feel they have been misled by the institution regarding any significant aspect of their program, they may file a complaint with the Private Training Institutions Branch ( Complaints must be filed with PTIB within one year of the date a student completes, is dismissed from, or withdraws from the Program.

Procedure for Grade Appeal

  1. If a student is dissatisfied with the grade received for an assessment and can provide evidence that a higher grade is warranted, he/she should discuss with his/her instructor. The instructor will reconsider the grade and, if warranted, assign a different grade. This does not apply to work that has not been uploaded and marked as Not Uploaded (NU) equally a grade of 0%.
  2. If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of his/her appeal to the instructor, he/she should submit a written appeal to the Senior Educational Administrator.
  3. The Senior Educational Administrator will obtain a copy of the midterm or final assessment from the instructor and will have the assessment re-marked by another instructor.
  4. If the assessment achieves a higher grade on re-mark, the higher grade will be assigned to the student. If the assessment achieves a lower grade on re-mark, the original grade will be retained.
  5. If a grade appeal is reviewed by the Senior Educational Administrator, the grade assigned following the re-mark and review will be final and cannot be appealed further.